The External Dimple Connector is used to attach the coil tubing to a BHA (Bottom Hole Assembly), and it provides both rotational lock and pressure integrity. After dimples are made onto the coil tubing using a Mechanical External Dimple Tool, the connector can is installed and aligned with the dimples in the Coil Tubing. The External Dimple Connector is locked to the Coiled Tubing using special designed grub screws. This ensures a high torque and tensile connection.


  • Coiled Tubing
  • High Vibration and impact
  • High Flowrate

Features and Benefits

  • Field re-dressable
  • Simplistic design
  • Full bore
  • Robust construction
  • Easy field maintenance
  • Reusable
  • High tensile and torque value
  • Heavy Duty version available
  • Several connection type/size available
  • Other tool dimensions available
  • H2S version available

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Click here to download Technical Data Sheet (PDF)