The Heavy Duty Ball Operated Release Tool provides a safe disconnecting from the BHA (Bottom Hole Assembly).To activate the release mechanism, a ball is pumped down the string. The ball land out in a seat and the pressure applied will shear release pins at a pre-set pressure. After shear, the piston will move forward and allow slips to expand and relase the Heavy Duty Ball Operated Release Tool from the BHA.The shear pins will not be affected by any push/pull load applied to the string. The shear pins are isolated from the circulating fluid and will not be affected if e.g. acids or gels are pumped through the BHA.


  • Well Intervention
  • Drilling
  • High Vibration and impact

Features and Benefits

  • Available with Burst Disc
  • Internal and external fish neck
  • Both fish necks accessible after disconnect
  • Adjustable disconnect values
  • Field re-dressable
  • Simplistic design
  • Robust construction
  • Easy field maintenance
  • High tensile and torque value
  • Several connection types/sizes available
  • Other tool dimensions available
  • H2S version available

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Click here to download Technical Data Sheet (PDF)