The Rotating Cleaning Tool is developed for effective clean out of solids from the wellbore. The Rotating Cleaning Tool main feature is the patent pending rotational brake. This prevents uncontrolled rotational speed at high flow rates. This results in more consentrated and higher jetting force out the nozzles. The combination of the rotational movement and the high jetting force at high flow rates, combined with low differential pressure makes the Rotating Cleaning Tool ideal for cleaning all types of solids from the wellbore.


  • Well Intervention
  • Drilling
  • High Flow rate

Features and Benefits

  • Multiple jet directions
  • Field re-dressable
  • Simplistic design
  • Robust construction
  • Easy field maintenance
  • Various nozzle sizes available
  • Several connection types/sizes available
  • Other tool dimensions available
  • H2S version available

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Click here to download Technical Data Sheet (PDF)